discount-drug-pharmacy-prescription-card Discount Drug Pharmacy Card

A1 Health Advantage Discount Drug Card

Drug cards for discount prescription pharmacy by A1 Health Advantage saves you money on brand name and generic prescription drug pharmacy. Use our prescription discount pharmacy card whether or not you have health insurance or prescription drug coverage by showing your pharmacy card when filling a drug prescription. You will receive the discount the prescription card offers at the time of filling your prescription. Present your A1 Health Advantage pharmacy card at any of the 50 thousand participating drug pharmacies nationwide to receive your instant savings on over-the-counter prescription drug prices. There is no enrollment, activation, or fee required for this product, and is absolutely free.

Use our pharmacy card for mail order and home delivery discounts for better pricing than in store pharmacy card discounts. You and any member in you family can use the same discount pharmacy card to receive a discount on prescription drugs. Take additional discounts on other health services such as lab services, imaging services, home health care products, vision, and diabetes.

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